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Audience Fit


Bonus! Hot Text chapter (91K, PDF, 2 minutes at 56K)



Rewrite to emphasize the links to the Icon Legend, and definitions of Electronic College, and header. Put the links at the end of sentences.

A document is an important concept in our Electronic College, because when you do a library search you get a listing of all documents that meet your criteria. Next to each document name is an icon, indicating what kind of document it is. See the Icon Legend for a complete explanation of the icons. When you click an icon, a header appears, providing the documentís title, author, publication, topics, and, in most cases, an abstract. Following the header, the actual document usually appears below, although, in some cases, the header is all that we are able to provide at this time, due to circumstances.



Rewrite to create and emphasize links to the relevant images, appearing on the same page as the text.

We have been testing Absorbing Boundary Conditions (ABCs). The first image, below and to the left, shows the impulse response without any ABC, as captured by the Salvo software. We see the boundary and an even stronger secondary reflection from the boundary. This secondary reflection is due to a cross-correlation between the source wave reflection from the boundary and the primary arrival of the receiver wave. In the second image, below and in the middle, made with Clayton and Enguistís ABC, the primary reflection has been removed, but the secondary reflection is still present, though weaker in strength. Finally, over on the right below, we have the impulse response using Liyang Xuís ABCs, which use optimized coefficients to reduce reflected energy even more.



Emphasize the link to the library tour.

We urge you to take the library tour, if you are interested in finding books, journals, and recordings related to your field. 


Other ways to make links hot

3a. Make clear what the user will get from the link.

3c. Shift focus from the links or linked-to documents to the subject.

3d. Provide depth and breadth through plentiful links to related information within your site.

3e. Establish credibility by offering outbound links.

3f. Make meta information public.

3g. Write URLs that humans can read.

3h. Make links accessible.

3i. Tell people about a media object before they download.

3j. Announce the new with special links.

3k. Write meta-tags to have your pages found.

Resources on writing links

Taking a Position on Links

Heuristic Online Text (HOT) Evaluation for Links




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