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Writerly sites

To get the latest advice, news, gossip, go online. These blogs and sites will keep you up to date on trends in web writing and editing, information architecture, content, and usability.

Some will also answer questions, and entertain your own rants, as you talk to other writers, or folks who care about the impact of Web text.

I have listed a resource if

  • I get a clear picture of the authors as individuals, or as a group
  • I find the ideas interesting, useful, or unusual enough to make me think
  • I think that the advice is clear enough to put into practice right away
  • I conclude that the link lists, if any, include a lot of useful and relevant sites
  • I disagree with the authors, but they make a good case for their wrongheaded ideas (Heck, you may be inspired by their very craziness)

This list includes only my favorites, about one percent of all the sites I have looked at.

So I tend to reject most of the sites I visit. How do I rule out a site? In general, I have excluded:

  • Individual articles on sites that are really devoted to some other topic
  • Purely commercial sites, without a shred of helpful advice, ideas, or info
  • Sites where I conclude that the authors are jerks
  • Ghost sites, unless the archives are so fantastic that I cannot resist telling you about them
  • Amateur efforts
  • Course descriptions
  • Pages that turn out to be simple links to books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

If you run across a blog or site that you think I really, really ought to include, let me know.

If I have left out your own site or blog, email me the URL, and I will take a look-within a week or so. Just make sure you are publishing something useful for web writers or editors, or content mavens.

And remember, I'm a tough reviewer. Don't ask me to look at your site if you are really serving up junk, or a bunch of ads.



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