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Marketing copy and PR

Hanging out with marketing folks is always more exciting than sitting around the lunch room with tech writers.  Enthusiasm, excess, and hyperbole obscure the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

These sites will inspire you, and show you how much more work you need to do, if you are writing marketing copy or PR. 

I once interviewed the fabulous PR genius Regis McKenna, who started off by getting insulted when I called him a PR guy.  Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, nudger, information strategist--whatever you call yourself, you'll get a kick out of the ideas on some of these sites. 

If you have some incredibly insanely great sites to add, let me know.

Bob Bly Advice on advertising, book publishing, copywriting, and marketing in general. Bob's a star in the marcomm world, and he gives away at least as much as he pitches.

If you're into marketing or advertising, in any way, ClickZ is ground zero for trend-spotting. Alive with animated ads for conferences, agencies, white papers, and studies, the home page announces clearly, "We are marcomm!" Typical topics:

  • Customer relationship analysis and strategy
  • Brand marketing
  • Emarketing strategies
  • Intellectual capital
  • Media buying
  • Content development
  • Publishing on the web
  • e-mail strategies, with case studies, focus on B2B, getting past spam filters
  • Seach engine marketing
  • Advertising technology

Living under the umbrella of Internet.com, the site links to other useful sites such as

Jupiterdirect at http://redir.internet.com/webring/ecommarket_intresearch/www.jupiterdirect.com

InternetPR Guide at http://redir.internet.com/webring/ecommarket_internetprguide/www.internetprguide.com

SearchEngineWatch. At http://redir.internet.com/webring/ecommarket_searchenginewatch/www.searchenginewatch.com

Bonus: For many years, Nick Usborne wrote weekly columns on copywriting. Go through the archive:


Creative Ways

Marcia Yudkin has really thought about how to make marketing more fun--for you.

  • Her FAQs cover publicity, sales letters, and business names.
  • She offers before-and-after studies of "makeovers" of a press release, sales letter, brochure, business bio, seminar flyer, even a set of testimonials.
  • he analyzes the problems, then offers her rewrite.

I like her ezine, too, because it contains only one tip, it comes only once a week, and she swears you can read the whole thing in one minute. She pitches her courses and reports, but, hey, she's found a creative-and helpful-way to market herself.

Email Universe

A world of sites and discussion lists for email list operators, list moderators, epublishers, newbies, and writers. My favorites: the best ezine of the week, and the list of the day. If you need extra content for your site, you can pick up articles here.

Expert PR

Email newsletter from MediaMap and Bacon's, two vendors of software and data for the PR business. Articles come from industry experts. Pretty good stuff, despite the commercial sponsorship.

E-Zine Tips

Janet Roberts gives good, practical advice on content, format, list management, promotion, and trends in the e-zine business. She takes on the tough issues, clarifying the situation.

I-Copywriting Discussion List

From Marketing Wonk, moderated by copy-writer par excellence, Nick Usborne. Lively, good-looking weekly in HTML or plain text.

Marketing Profs

Great info on marketing, most of which applies to online copywriting. From professors and professionals. Fun newsletter. Topics: email marketing, branding, marketing strategy, content, customer relationship management, usability, marketing metrics, search marketing, and global marketing.

Marketing Sherpa

Advice and news on Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, and e-mail marketing. Interesting case studies. Half a dozen useful email newsletters. Recent articles are free, but you have to pay to read older pieces in the archives. Tips and recent job listings appear in Career Climber.

Marketing Wonk

Lively moderated discussion list, with archives and numerous newsletters. The team has persuaded a lot of creative and opinionated people to contribute brief personal pieces reacting to the latest news in fields such as:

  • Advertising
  • Demographics and market segments
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Vertical markets and industry sectors

The site draws you in to sell you white papers (on business blogging, for instance), at reasonable prices, but you can disregard the sales pitches pretty easily. Definitely worth a visit if you are exploring a new area. Or sign up for one of their newsletters on internet marketing.


Media Channel

To follow trends in all the media, but particularly the Web, look at this nonprofit's action toolkits, special reports, forums, and job lists. Their mission: tips and resources for making some noise in the information age. They offer guides to current issues, an index of global news, bulletin board, bookstore, and teachers' guide. Their toolkits offer advice on jobs, style, and research.

Nick Usborne

Hard-hitting, no-nonsense advice for copywriters. Home of the Excess Voice newsletter. Definitely worth spending a day or so, just reading through his advice. Or get his book, Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy

PR Bob

A blog on events, trends, and surprising mistakes in public relations. A quote from a press release or wire service story, and then an acid comment. On to the next.

Public Relations Society of America

The trade organization for PR folks, so only a small sliver of the site deals with online PR. But you can find out if there is a chapter near you, sign up for the newsletter, and pick up interesting slants on the business.

Target Marketing

Jim Sterne's corporate site offers articles and research reports on what works and what doesn't, in online marketing.

Webbed e-Copy

Doug Lavender does beautiful large-format photos, and marketing copy. He gives good advice about scannability, focus, construction, wording, and troubleshooting. He describes this section of his site as "the new copywriting rules for online content." Nice layout (as if you were reading a binder), good links to research behind the advice, and practical tips for professionals. Caution: when Doug talks about money, you need to recognize that he is working in Canadian dollars.

WordBiz Report

It's an ezine, a site, a pitch for reports on email marketing, web marketing, corporate writing. Debbie Weil gives out the advice with a friendly tone, and sure hand.


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