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Finding a job as a web writer or editor

A lot of good jobs went up in smoke when the dot coms crashed.

Advertising thinned out. Business plans ended up in the trash bin. "Added value" began to sound like a hollow promise.

But even the skinflints need content, and, tentatively, uncertainly, with low wages, they have begun to hire again, or at least give out freelance assignments.

Areas where we see more money coming into the scene: business publications online, healthcare advice aimed at the general public; marketing copy for high tech firms; and (with incredibly low pay) online journalism.

If you're looking for work, then, explore these sites, and more, as often as you can.  Good luck!

American Society of Business Publication Editors

OK source of job listings, some of which include online work. The site as a whole straddles traditional paper journalism and web writing.

Craig's List

Good job listings under web development and writing, particularly in the Bay Area. But they have sites for every major city. Caution: job listings are just a small part of their site, but the jobs tend to focus on high tech and web content, at least in areas where companies are doing that kind of crazy stuff.

Insert Text Here

Online writing job sites in journalism, corporate, and health writing. Sidebars offer links to sites with media news, and reference works. The clean, simple design focuses on sites that really help writers. Hidden virtue: the examples of online storytelling, showing what the web can do better than print, radio, or tv. Interactivity, giving readers a voice, giving writers a voice, explaining stuff. Brought to you by Michelle Nicolosi, who started life as a reporter, went through biz dev in dot coms, and now edits Japan Media Review and the Online Journalism Review for the Annenberg School of Communication at University of Southern California.

Markets for Writers

Anthony Tedesco and his little brother Paul are the founding authors of a wonderful, up-to-date listing of places you can sell your Web writing, in their book, Online Markets for Writers: How to Make Money by Selling Your Writing on the Internet. This site advertises the book, offering a sample chapter, How to Make Significantly More Money From Each Online Sale.

Media Bistro

Founded by freelance journalist Laurel Touby, this site is fun. Aimed at writers, editors, copywriters, producers, and designers of both old and new media, MB offers articles, job listings, nitty gritty details of insurance, and freelancing. The site tends to focus on New York. In fact, visiting is like making your way through a Chelsea party. But the team is moving their workshops to other major cities around the US. If you subscribe, you can get the transcripts of earlier events. Discussions put you in touch with other writers and editors in your area…even if you are in Toronto, London or Paris.

National Writers Union

A fighter for freelancers, the union offers sample contracts, legal defense, and a place to gossip. (Not just Web writers, here). Worth visiting, for their defense of freelancers against corporations grabbing all rights from writers. A sprinkling of jobs, with the caveat that you have to pay NWU a finder's fee of 10% of the first four months' income.

Sun Oasis

David Eide's resources for all kinds of writers, with a lot of job leads, an occasional discussion with good tips for beginners, plus three quirky and personal zines.

Well-Fed Writer

A site and ezine showing you how to make a good living as a freelance writer. Peter Bowerman is the author of "The Well-Fed Writer: Financial Self-Sufficiency As a Freelance Writer in Six Months or Less. Read the sample chapter, then sign up for the ezine, to get tips on all kinds of ways to drum up business. Most of his focus is on traditional print media.


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