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Online journalism

We got our start on paper, doing long articles for editors in the skyscraper offices hidden behind stacks of unsolicited manuscripts, next to the much smaller piles of agented submissions. What a treat to walk through the scruffy halls of Esquire, chat with Grace Schulman at The Nation, and to work with Tony Jones and Gwyn Cravens at Harper's.

Now we talk to our editors on the phone, swap drafts by email, and we may never physically meet our editors.  We sit in our bright offices here in New Mexico, writing much shorter articles, with more headings, lots of linklists, and we do our own artwork now.  The pace is faster, now: we may get a call at 5pm asking for 500 words by morning the next day, because every web publication seems to run in crisis mode.

These sites will help you make the transition from paper to electronic journalism.  I've left out sites that just tell you how to do research on the web.  You know how to do that. The sites I've included are devoted to helping you understand the Web scene, track trends, and improve the quality of your pieces. 

Adrian Holovaty

A blog and supporting Web site devoted to discussion of Web development, with an emphasis on online journalism. "I'm an Internet developer and professional journalist living in Lawrence, Kansas, USA. My background is evenly mixed between newspaper/Web journalism and computer programming, and I have a passion for innovation in journalism -- through the Internet or otherwise."


Jonathan Dube's helpful site for anyone who writes on the Web, but especially journalists. Tips, headlines, links to journalists' blogs, examples of good online journalism, stories on the way news operations are combining tv, print, and the web.. The Weblog Blog tracks blogs' impact on journalism. An experienced journalist, Dube is now managing producer at msnbc.com. He started the site, and then in 2002 formed a partnership with The Media Center at the American Press Institute.

J. D.'s New Media Musings

Blog by J.D. Lasica, who has studied online journalism longer and in more depth than anyone else. Check out the Articles, too, from Online Journalism review, and other spots. J.D. goes into depth in his articles. This blog is just highlights and links, usually ahead of the curve.

Journalism Jobs

Fulltime and freelance jobs, plus internships and fellowships. The jobs don't always get sorted into the right categories, so no matter which type of job you choose, you may see a mix of openings at newspapers, wire services, tv and radio, magazines, and online sites. But they do get a lot of listings. Nice calendar of upcoming events such as conferences and job fairs. Interesting sidebar stuff on what kind of money other media types are making, who owns the media, how we ought to behave (media ethics), and how to write. In general, the bias is toward print, tv, and radio, but some web jobs sneak in.

Journalist's Toolbox

From the American Press Institute, the toolbox contains, by their count, 20,000 online resources for journalists. Most of the links help you do research online. But they do list sites with info on copy editing, reporting techniques, and web writing.

Online Journalism Review

For news from around the world on many kinds of online writing, from the USC Annenberg School for Communication. Plus a jobs board, and a list of resources for online reporters. Good stuff.

Online News Association

A focal point for online journalists, with its own conference, and occasional research.


Online resources for journalists, in a lively up-to-the-minute site. Great columnists, including , Jim Romenesko, Steve Outing, and Sree Sreenivasan with news items and fascinating articles by real writers--and researchers.

Presswise Trust

A conscience for journalists and publishers, set up as a charitable organization in 1993 by people who claim they have been victims of media abuse. "We believe that press freedom is a responsibility exercised by journalists on behalf of the public. Our primary purpose is to provide advice, information, research and training on all aspects of media policy, practice and law."

Stop the Presses!

Steve Outing's column for Editor and Publisher, a magazine for newspaper bosses who are wondering how much content to put online, and how. The rest of us are lucky to get to look over their shoulders when Steve takes on issues such as paid content, the decline of newspapers, problems with registration, journalistic blogging, and alternatives to email newsletters. Steve is always sharp, aware of trends in the print world, and sensitive to the kind of problems that most publishers would rather not face.

University of California Graduate School of Journalism

Writing-related job banks on the Internet, with a focus on reporting jobs. Most jobs are in traditional TV, radio, and newspapers; but some are online.



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