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Audience Fit


Bonus! Hot Text chapter (134K, PDF, 2 minutes at 56K)


Break these nominalizations and noun trains apart. Feel free to create new phrases, or entirely new sentences. When in doubt about the meaning, guess.


 The evolution of a method for the embedment of module function objects into code designed to run on handheld computers has the effect that we will see many more "smart" distance area cell phones, remote controls, and personal assistants.




The office design management worksheet user manual


Other ways to make your text easier to understand:

5a. Reduce the number of clauses per sentence.



It is our request that upon your return a review be conducted on all vendor submissions, and a report prepared with recommendations for a two-vendor runoff competition.


5c. Watch out for ambiguous phrases a user might have to debate.

5d. Surface the agent and action, so users don't have to guess.

5e. Make a positive statement.

5f. Reduce scrolling.



Solids dewatering pump technology services


5g. Let users print or save the entire document at once.



Lime water softening applications support


Resources on thoughtlessness

Taking a Position on Thoughtlessness

Heuristic Online Text (H. O. T.) Evaluation of Cognitive Burdens





Waterway ice-breaking services planning meeting




Alien mass migration interdiction effort




Sustainability of these fishing areas is ensured through region fishery management planning consultation, with the result that a Fisheries Management Plan is produced. The Coast Guard is responsible for FMP enforcement at sea as well as enforcement of laws for the protection of marine mammals and endangered species.




"The high-yield portfolio write-off and mark-down losses announcement today reflects the continued deterioration of the high-yield portfolio and losses associated with selling certain bonds,'' the company said. 




The innovation history of our world-class fashion emporium includes the creation of the preppy look, all-wool worsted double-stretch fabric, and button-down collar shirt apparel. 




The network protocol analysis lists affect the detection extraction prevention sequence.



The walkthrough code design review process includes the usability research standards recommendations  




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