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Audience Fit


Bonus! Hot Text chapter (97K, PDF, 2 minutes at 56K)



Put key conclusions first.

Actions available to most firewall audit software include activating a Simple Network Management Protocol trap, signaling when the trap has snared an apparent violation, sending a mail message, relaying information to the management platform (such as Open View, NetView/6000, or SunNet Manager), emailing the administrator, or shutting down an account. Thus, companies look to firewall auditing software for activity logging, application usage tracking, and security breaches. Firewall auditing software has grown beyond simple security measures to include a much more sophisticated security setup, as well as features normally associated with network monitoring software. In fact, the real news is that the two software types are merging.





Put key conclusions first.

We do not know what the long-term effect of helium in-growth (from alpha decay) will have on the integrity of plutonium as it ages. The aging of plutonium could cause major problems for our stockpile stewardship, recertification, and, incidentally, the environment. Hence, we are particularly interested in the metallurgical condition of the metallic lattice and sub-structural features such as the accumulation of helium bubbles at grain boundaries, because such defect structures are known to affect swelling and cracking in other materials, and they may negatively influence the mechanical properties of plutonium under high strain. In this project, then, we have investigated helium bubble formation and distribution in aged plutonium using transmission electron microscopy, small-angle neutron scattering, and computer simulations. Thanks to these techniques, we are now able to model graceful degradation over time in plutonium under normal and high-stress conditions.


Other ways to make chunky paragraphs:

4a.  Design each paragraph around one idea.

4b. Put the idea of the paragraph first.

4c. If you must include context, put that first.

Resources on chunkiness

Taking a Position on chunkiness




Put key conclusions first.

Taking a shower, washing dishes, and doing your laundry all add moisture to the air in your Recreational Vehicle. Any appliance generates heat, and may cause condensation on cool surfaces such as windows, doors, walls, and roof. The walls of your RV have less insulation than a house does, so cold weather makes drops of water form on the inside walls. And the tight fit prevents air from circulating to dry things out. To avoid these problems, use a vent over your stove, refrigerator, and other appliances. Lock the bathroom door when showering and keep a vent or window open. Donít hang up wet clothes inside the RV. Donít let moisture build up inside your RV. Rememberóif you let moisture build up inside, it can damage the walls and ceiling of your RV.




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