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Audience Fit


Bonus! Hot Text chapter (107K, PDF, 2 minutes at 56K)


Put the context at the beginning of the paragraph, if necessary.


Symmetric cryptography remains the standard way to maintain privacy when transferring privileged information over the Internet, or in any network where someone might try to hack the message. On the other hand, public-key cryptography has wider application, because it can be used between two people or organizations who do not already have an established relationship. An example is the digital signature. Like a notary seal, a digital signature guarantees that you are who you say you are, when you visit an online store. Digital signatures are hard to counterfeit, and easy to verify; in this way they are better than handwritten signatures, if privacy and security are important to you.





The Paint method activates dots on the screen to represent the current frame. First you construct the frame, then you tell Java to paint it.


Other ways to make chunky paragraphs:

4a.  Design each paragraph around one idea.

4b. Put the idea of the paragraph first.

4d. Put key conclusions, ideas, news, at the start of the article.



Between two circles, defining a color blend, with all accompanying attributes, as shown in the following table, allows you to image three-dimensional spheres, if you wish.


Resources on chunkiness

Taking a Position on chunkiness




The organic sensing layer is designed and constructed using molecular-engineered cyclodextrin derivatives, which provide a cone-shaped molecular structure that can readily trap specific organic toxins. That is our aim, here.




We call the organic sensing layer a bucket. The shape of the molecules resembles a bucket; hence this metaphor.




The microsensor is reversible and can be used to monitor continuously changing concentrations of the contaminant over an extended period of time, because the cyclodextrin buckets bind the contaminants weakly.



Put a Rescue Mirror in your backpack, or emergency kit, along with a flashlight, so you can use it at night. The Air Force packs a mirror just like this into every survival kit, and you should too. Our Rescue Mirror helps you aim a flash of light right at the rescue team, airplane, or boat. If the rescue team canít see you, they canít save you. Do you want to catch their attention?




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