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Moving content from paper to the web!

Modeling informative objects

Outlining electronically

Goodbye documents, hello objects!

Documents represent the old world: the time of paper, when we structured what we wrote around the assumption that the text would end up printed on a sheet of paper, in a paper brochure, or in a book.

Now we create objects: thousands of individual units of information, to be assembled on the fly, to serve our users in many different ways. 

What does this change mean to us as writers, managers, and creators of content?



Want to read more on taking an object-oriented approach to writing content?

See: Ames (2000), Belew (2000), Bradley (2000), Coad and Yourdon (1991), Coombs, Renear, and DeRose (1987), Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides (1995), Goldberg and Rubin (1995), Goldfarb (1990), Goldfarb and Prescod (2000), Herwijnen (1990), Hunter et al (2000), Jacobson, Ericsson, and Jacobson (1994), Kay (2000), Khoshafian and Abnous (1995), Lee (1993), Lie and Bos (1999), McGrath (1998), Megginson (1998), Object Management Group (1997), Rumbaugh, Blaha, Premerlani, Eddy, and Lorensen (1991), Taylor (1992) Travis and Waldt (1995), Turner, Douglas and Turner (1996), Young (2000), Yourdon (1994)



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