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1. Rivers flowing from Paradise

2. The dark pipes of the earth

Thomas Burnet

Thomas Burnet wrote The Sacred Theory of Earth first in Latin, then in English, describing paradise, the flood, the burning of the world, and the new heavens and earth that will be  created after the Apocalypse. Hoping to make a poem out of the book, as a "grand Miltonic romance," (Lowes 392), Coleridge made notes toward that project:

Burnet's theoria telluris translated into Blank Verse, the original at the bottom of the page. (Archiv, p. 344)

Burnet/de montibus in English Blank Verse (Archiv p. 350)

But those projects never took shape. Still, the grandiosity of the vision, covering the beginning, end, and rebirth of the world, clearly appealed to Coleridge.

In his Biographia Literaria, Coleridge compares Burnet's book to the writings of Plato, saying they both "furnish undeniable proofs that poetry of the highest kind may exist without meter." (II, 11).

And in his Notes, Coleridge praises Burnet's work for its "Tartarean fury and turbulence." (Notes, Theological, Political, and Miscellaneous. Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edited by Rev. Derwent Coleridge. London, 1853.)

Lowes believes that Burnet's imagery contributed to the description of the sun hanging over the stranded ship in The Ancient Mariner, a little before Kubla Khan.

Given this thicket of evidence that Coleridge read and relished Burnet, we should not be surprised if Coleridge had a clear memory of images suggested by the Sacred Theory.

Sources: Thomas Burnet, Telluris Theoria Sacra…Libri duo priores de Diluvio et Paradiso, London, 1681; Libri duo posteriores de Conflagratione Mundi, et de Futuro Rerum Statu, London, 1689.
Thomas Burnet. The Sacred Theory of the Earth…in Four Books. I. Concerning the Deluge. II. Concerning Paradise. III. The Burning of the World. IV. The New Heavens and New Earth. Glasgow, 1753.

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