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Build a set of processes

A process is a way of doing things, so you can often build it out of a series of procedures that must be done in a particular order. 

1. In the menu or table of contents and headings, number the names of each process set if you recommend or require that the user carry each set in order.

2. Within each process set, number the processes, if they must be done in order.

3. Link from the brief description of each process to the group of procedures needed to carry it out.

In this way, users can pick the right process set (say, Analysis and Design), drill down to individual processes, such as planning a strategy, analyzing the existing system, designing a new system, and implementing the new system.

You are evolving a menu system leading users from the top level (the process set) to the mid-level processes, and down into the individual procedures.


In this diagram, the user has chosen the process set, Analyze & Design.  A set of processes appear in the second column

The user chooses 2. Analyze Existing and the individual procedures within that process appear in the third column.

In this way, the user drills down within the process set, to get to individual procedures.


The process set called Migration Path includes 8 individual processes.  When you click 4. Test Sample-Base, you see a brief description of that process, with links to two individual sets of procedures.  When you click Trace Execution, you go to a page that shows that set of procedures.  When you click one of those, you see the procedure on the right.


The process set is Preparing for the Day. 
I chose the process Shaving.
Now I am working my way through the procedure on Lathering Up.


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