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From the authors


Biographical Note

About our book, Hot Text! Web Writing that Works

New Riders, 512 pp, US$40

Discover the secrets of successful Internet writers:

  • Catch-and keep-the attention of Web visitors
  • Write meaningful links, headings, and menus
  • Organize informative objects for personalization
  • Promote, market, and sell, without getting flamed
  • Watch your income soar
  • Create customer assistance that really helps
  • Entertain people who like to read
  • Provoke active discussion
  • Share online research
  • Adjust your prose for mobile users
  • Become a professional Web writer or editor

Based on research into attention, attitude, cognition, interface, reading, and usability, this book tells you how to write for the Internet--FAQs, help, e-mail, marketing copy, press releases, news articles, electronic newsletters, Webzine articles, research reports, and your own résumé.

Get specific guidelines, before-and-after examples, case studies, challenges, resources, and personal advice from two real Web writers. Learn to write hot text!

About our book


Table of Contents (PDF, 1 minute at 56k)



From the authors

"This book shows you how to write so people will pay attention, on the Web. You'll find out exactly what to do, and why. We spend all day writing for the Web-in dozens of genres.

"We understand the problems writers face, and we've gone through the usability tests, reading research, discussion lists, and expert advice to come up with the most useful guidelines for writing Web prose.

"This is a book about style-how to write. Sure, we make Web sites, so we know how work in an architecture, a design, and a set of tags; but we are focusing on the chore most books overlook-writing the text."


Q: What do you consider to be this book's greatest strengths?

A: We define a new way of writing-a Web style.

We give practical advice grounded in usability research, reading comprehension research, perception studies, and cognitive psychology.

We focus on text, which forms the bulk of the 5 billion Web pages out there, but which has been ignored by most books on the Web, which focus on design and HTML

We're writers writing for writers, out of extensive Web experience, and a background in journalism, trade books, technical writing, and academia.

Q: What is unique about this book? What does it achieve that is not currently being met with competing titles?

A: We focus on writing text, not designing pages, sites, or tags.

We write for writers, with a deep understanding of the challenges they face.

We write in the spirit of the Web, showing how this medium drives us to adopt a new style of writing.

We come out of a background in information architecture, so we show how text fits into sites that use an object-oriented content management system, customization, and personalization. We go beyond most guidelines because we show how your prose style has to adapt to modular organization for multiple reuse.

Other books talk about designing menus, but we tell you how to write them.

Academic books on the Web reveal that the writers have never written for the Web. But we've written for the Web for the last five years. We live and breathe the Web. We come out of the spirit of the Web-brash, impatient, fast.

Anyone who works in the Web will recognize that we live there too.

Biographical Note

Jonathan and Lisa Price are professional Web writers and editors who regularly coach other writers on how to tailor their prose for e-mail, Web pages, and discussions. With Web clients such as America Online®, Coupons.com®, Disney.com®, Hewlett-Packard®, and KB Kids (now eToys®), the Prices come out of a background in journalism, technical communication, marketing, and public relations. They've written 24 books for major publishers and hundreds of articles for Web sites. They are members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Society for Technical Communication, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the IEEE.



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