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Reviews and comments on Hot Text! Web Writing that Works

"Best Web Publishing Title of 2002,"
BookBytes from John Nemerovski, at  MyMac.com

"Want to learn how to write for the Web? Read this book. Hot Text shows how to grab your audience's attention and never let it go. Based on extensive research, the book is a fun yet in-depth how-to guide for effective writing on the Web."
—Andrew King, Web Reference Update Newsletter

"Hot Text e un manuale che copre l'intero processo di creazione di contenuti."
—Antonio Volpon, FucinaWeb.com

"This book is packed with good advice on web writing and modern communication skills- and it's a must-have for any web content developers, documentation authors, online course constructors, and e-Commerce editors."
—Roy Johnson, Mantex


About our book


"This dynamic duo has created an excellent book that focuses on effective, user-friendly Web writing."
Leanne Krudner, The Nor'easter

"This is the best web writing book around, with excellent coverage of history, theory, and application. Outstanding material on object-oriented writing and audience analysis!"
Muriel Zimmerman, Coordinator, Programs in Technical Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Inspiring, authoritative, fun, and personal-Hot Text is an instant classic."
Rich Coulombre, Principal, The Support Group, Needham, Massachusetts

"Why is online writing so bad? Probably because books like this haven't been available until now. Buy it. Read it. Try something new-it's got to be better than what we're used to!"
Seth Godin, Author of Survival is Not Enough, Permission Marketing, and Unleashing the Idea Virus

"Fresh, honest and inspiring-Hot Text practices what it preaches, from mindset to mechanics."
Yvette Nielsen, new media journalist, consultant and trainer at www.brizcomm.com.au

"The Internet offers far more challenges to writers than any other media-hard-to-read text, short attention spans, customization options, and an 'audience of one.' This powerful book provides real-world examples, case studies and compelling 'object-oriented' solutions for mastering this potential minefield. It's a unique and much-needed resource that should be in every writer's toolkit."
Bob Saldeen, Creative Director, Rivenet.com, Chicago, Illinois

"Lisa Price is unparalleled in the writing field and the 'genuinely good people' field. Her proven experience will help professional writers boost their income, her accessibility and thoroughness will help new writers break into the online marketplace, and her personality will make you just plain happy."
Anthony Tedesco, coauthor of Online Markets for Writers: How to Make Money by Selling Your Writing on the Internet and publisher of the free Web resource for writers, www.MarketsForWriters.com

"Warm, informative, conversational, inspiring, and honest, this book gave me great ideas and models without feeling like a lecture."
Colombe Leland, Web writer, newspaper editor, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Although we've known for years that writing for the Web follows different rules of grammar and style, until now, no one has tackled this issue. From the broad to the specific, the Prices guide you through the art of composing text for the Web that readers will really read."
Saul Carliner, Professor, Information Design, Bentley College

"Hot Text is a superbly written guide with dozens of humorously presented tips and real world examples for all of us who must deal with the limitations of the computer screen as a medium. I have already found myself sharing many of these suggestions for brevity and clarity with my 'client writers.' What good is a beautiful Web site unless you get your message across? I only wish I had had this book two dozen Web sites ago. Don't wait-add this book to your resource library today."
Chere Hartman, Red Desert Designs, www.reddesertdesigns.com

"Hot Text is really a master-class-in-a-box. Both practicing and wannabe Web writers will want to read it and join the online discussion group. Teachers and trainers will find everything they need for courses on writing for the Web: sensible, authoritative precepts; clear explanations; useful examples; discussion questions; research topics; extensive bibliography; and much more.

"The Prices model their own advice about persona and genre. Knowing how "to write like human beings," they are witty and genial guides through the thickets of XML, menu structure, and object-oriented writing. Hot Text is authoritative. It draws on its authors' considerable experience as Web writers, but its precepts are also supported by a lot of book-learning. The authors' copious research shows, but it does not distract the reader. The references are well-integrated with the text, and fuller documentation appears in unobtrusive end-notes. A big, thorough bibliography is a gift to other researchers."
Dr. Helen Moody, Writing Coach and Trainer, ProTrainCo, www.protrainco.com

"Jonathan and Lisa Price have crafted a panacea of web writing-weaving threads of practicality with attitude, they put the reader on the right track. Not to mention the fact that they deem it acceptable to lob multiple compliments in my direction."
--Eric Norlin, CEO, Titanic Deck Chair Rearrangement Corporation, Renegade editor and troublemaker for hire

"Jonathan and Lisa Price have written a truly useful book-graceful, engaging, and compellingly intelligent. The Web has changed how communication occurs, and Jonathan and Lisa illuminate successful approaches to creating Web documents of all kinds, including customer assistance, FAQs, resumes, and XML documents. Hot Text treats the people who use the Web as real people, with actual brains and real selves. From such a point of departure, Jonathan and Lisa's idea of communication is deeply humane. This is a key book for anyone composing information for the Web."
Mick Renner, PhD, MR Communications, Berkeley, CA

"The Prices know how to "sing the body [text] electric" in this new book for Web authors, in which their theoretically sound yet eminently practical advice will lead would-be and accomplished Web authors into and out of the skills they need to design and build audience-sensitive Web sites. Especially useful is the Web-based advice on audience, which takes the seemingly infinite range of web audiences and focuses instead on 'The Audience of One,' the single user who must navigate the electronic mosaic of text, frames, links, and whatnot that make up the modern-day Web site. A must for serious Web authors and those who would teach others to be such."
Scott Sanders, Chair, Department of English, University of New Mexico

"This is one exhaustive and erudite look at Web writing."
Doug Lavender, e-Copy Specialist, http://douglavender.ca

"Don't just read this book. Follow its advice. With such a pleasant reading one easily forgets that this book intends you to act. This book will empower your clients and yourself."
Hans van der Meij, University of Twente, The Netherlands

"Hot Text examines good writing practices and discusses their application to and implementation on the web. It's a great book. The tone of the book is easy going: it feels as if you're chatting with the author over a cup of coffee, except that you're constantly stopping to highlight the great ideas you want to apply to your own website. The content rules in this book, so much that it's easy to overlook the relevant quotes in the sidebar. Overall the book is a very useful tool for anyone writing for the Web."
Dr. Jean A. Pratt, Business Information Systems, Utah State University

"The Prices' new book is HOT. These authors bring deep experience across many contexts of writing--they know what works and why it works. They show what happens when writing becomes part of a machine--how it must change shape, change its relation to audiences, and change its texture. Jonathan and Lisa Price take all the fine common sense they have gathered over the years and have always shown in their other work. Now they demonstrate concretely how to move writing from paper to the web. They do so with a deft touch--with style and verve."
Stephen A. Bernhardt, Andrew B. Kirkpatrick Chair in Writing, University of Delaware

"Anyone who is writing for the Web will tremendously benefit from reading this book."
Raven at RavenMatrix

"From the basics of writing to clear instructions on writing for an electronic audience, this book covers all you need to create hot, vital Web content.
—Jennifer Kyrnin, About HTML/XML

"I think serious writers will find the book an important reference."
Rick Fischer, Memphis PC User Group Newsletter


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