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Audience Fit


Bonus! Hot Text chapter (81K, PDF, 2 minutes at 56K)


Open the text up with bulleted or numbered lists. Please press Return, creating new paragraphs. Add emphasis, too, if so inspired!


The person who is humble and retiring has three characteristics: mysterious charm, unspectacular excellence, and unnoticed influence. We consider the charm mysterious because the person does nothing we can see to draw our attention. We call the excellence unspectacular because the person does not boast, or make announcements, but completes all work with thoroughness. We call this personís influence unnoticed because although everyone looks to this person as an authority, they hardly mention the name. The influence spreads like water underground, invisible.


Other ways to make text scannable



The TCP/IP protocol is found in major operating systems, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, and Novellís NetWare, a LAN operating system. Because it appears in so many operating systems, TCP/IP has become the most common way to connect desktop PCs and workstations with each other within an organization and over the Internet. But customers have asked for a number of innovations to make TCP/IP more reliable in mission-critical applications: expanded addressing capability, so it does not run out of addresses, additional security features, to prevent hacker breakins, autoconfiguration, to save installersí time, and real-time service, to enable transactions. Moving from 32 bit to 128 bit addresses will probably solve the first problem, all vendors agree; but on the other improvements, vendors disagree, and have, so far, refused to agree on standards. Some vendors are offering their own security packages; others are creating new ones specifically to work with TCP/IP. Autoconfiguration, unfortunately, can be done in dozens of ways, and vendors are looking at all of them. Real-time services tend to be the playground of mainframers, so IBM and ATT lead the way, here, with PC vendors trailing badly. Our estimate is that the new standard is at least one year away (due 2004, June), and even then the standard may be a weak one in the real-time and autoconfiguration areas..


2a. Create a meaningful

2b. Insert meaningful
      headlines and

2c. Highlight keywords and
      phrases--and links.

Resources on scannability

Taking a Position on Scannability

Heuristic Online Text (HOT) Evaluation for Scannability




We have made important contributions to advanced manufacturing technologies relevant to the nuclear weapons program, including laser-machining, laser-aided deposition of metals to form component parts to near-final tolerance, fast casting to bypass traditional machining operations, extreme ultraviolet lithography with high resolution, and robotics for advanced manufacturing and dismantlement. These projects, carried out at the three nuclear weapons laboratories, contribute to both basic and applied research.




We offer a complete line, including fashion-inspired jeans, casual wear for men and women, color-coordinated cosmetics, and matching fragrances.




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