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Create a heading that also works as a menu item in each of the three menus.

The heading must reflect the content of the page that begins with the following paragraph. But it should also work within the menus. At the moment, the people making up the individual menus have just concocted different menu items (shown in red), all pointing to the same page. Your job is to come up with a text that works as a heading, and as a menu item in the three menus: The Depato in Tokyo, Location, Location, Location, and Traffic Flow.

Catching the Commuter

In Tokyo, most people travel by train or subway, and when they emerge at a major stop, they come up through a major department store, a depato. Because most people live too far away from work to walk to the office, and driving takes too much time, the vast majority of Tokyo workers come and go through a department store, every day. Thatís the way the stores intended. In 1926 the Mitsukoshi store paid 463,000 yen to construct a subway station feeding right into their first floor; and in 1932, the Mitsukoshi Mae station was opened, leading other depatos to build atop other stations. By 1934, the subway map showed depatos at most important stops.

The Original Menus:

Other ways to make your menus meaningful:

6b. Write each menu so it offers a meaningful structure.

6c. Offer multiple routes to the same information.

6d. Write and display several levels at once.

6e. When users arrive at the target, make it obvious.

6f. Confirm the location by showing its position in the hierarchy.


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