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If you are really into scientific research, facts and flavonoids, and news, you may want to click this link to a Mars site, literally, ha ha, it is the candy company.

From Jamaica comes this local-oriented history of chocolate, with some info on the chemical ingredients of cacao, because the writer is a professor of chemistry at the University of West Indies, in Jamaica, you know. - Tallyrand's Culinary Fare includes this dense history chocolate, and a recipe for Aztec chocolate drinks.

Research on ways that chocolate supports your immune system, at the site for Immune Support, that is,, with stuff on lowering your blood pressure, clearing your arteries, strengthening your heart. Health benefits.

Chocolate's frothy past - You'll lap up this BBC review of the way Mayans drank chocolate, with a picture of one of their chocolate kettles. Taste this! A veritable database called Datasweet, for confectioners, with a special interest in chocolate.

Travel on over to Sweet Seduction - A connoisseur's appreciation of the history and variety of cacoa species, with insight into historical manufacturing, and recipes.

The International Cocoa Organization -

How the manufacture of chocolate solves problems in material science, so it melts fast and tastes good. (PDF format)