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Chocolate Preparation and Manufacturing

You start by picking the right beans. There are many varieties. Picking the right combination is crucial. You roast each kind of bean, then use a machine to remove the outside shell, or hull. This machine, called the winnower, removes the hull, leaving you with the nibs, full of the cacao powder and fat. You then heat the nibs, and grind them up. You get a liquid called chocolate liquor, and cocoa butter. You then grind the chocolate liquor to make it easy to chew, adding ingredients such as sugar, milk, vanilla, or nuts, to make different flavors. You pour the mixture into a big machine that stirs, and shakes, and aerates the chocolate to make it smooth. This process, known as "conching" goes on for almost a week. Then you pour out the chocolate into molds. When it has cooled, you pop the chocolate out of the mold, wrap it, and ship it.