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Go ahead, reassure me!

Two thirds of Internet users are willing to accept a guarantee that you won't abuse their privacy.

"We guarantee that we will not violate your privacy."

Just the statement is enough--very few of these folks actually read privacy policies.

Of course, about a quarter of the Web population feel extremely nervous about the way their personal information might be used, and these folks are not likely to be placated with a simple statement.

For the rest of the Web world, though, assertions are often good enough.

  • Put a link to your privacy policy on every page.
  • Make a big deal out of going to your secure server when a customer makes that leap.
  • Whenever you ask someone to fill in a form, put your guarantee of privacy right up there.

Does this strategy make you feel a little anxious, as a writer?

You might want to make sure that your company really will protect the consumer's privacy before you scribble the announcement.

An interesting way to probe your organization's honesty would be to volunteer to write an in-depth explanation of their privacy policy.

Your boss's reaction will tell you more than the policy does.

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