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Challenge on FAQs

Re-organize and rewrite the following draft FAQ for an e-commerce site. 

Draft FAQ on online ordering

How does the secure online ordering system work? This state-of-the-art, world-class order entry system, which is known as OOS, guarantees the privacy of information that you enter such as your address and credit card information and your product selections, and security, thanks to SSL protocols, and 128K encryption (which may demand an upgrade to your browser, for your safety). Browse through our store to find a product you want. A product may be added to your shopping basket by clicking the BUYME button next to the description. You go to a page of options - color, size, quantity, monogramming, even gift wrapping. Choose the options you want. Then click the Shopping Cart button. Now the item is added to your electronic Shopping Cart, although you have not really bought it yet, because, actually, you do that later when you go to check out, which is a separate process, system-wise, because it lives on a secure server. You can check out at any time. And you can see what is in your Shopping Cart at any time, just by clicking that icon. Undecided? You can add items to your Shopping Cart any time you want, and decide later which ones to order. Online ordering has never been so easy.

How does the Checkout Counter system work? This transaction-based system can handle thousands of purchases at one time, so you can be confident that your order will be placed with the utmost celerity. When you want to check out, click the Checkout Counter icon at the top of each page. You can now complete your transaction. On the checkout page, fill in your address, write a gift message (if you want to), decide what kind of shipping you want, and click Calculate. We calculate your total, including the cost of the items, shipping, special services and taxes. If you decide you want to make any changes, click Back. If the order seems correct, click Submit. We have taken thousands of orders over the Internet, and your order will be secure. We provide full information about security and privacy. Please read this information and decide if you want to shop this way.

What if problems occur with the online ordering system? We hope you find our online ordering system easy to use. We think it will save you a lot of time. If you have any difficulty, please let us know, by sending us an email. We want to make shopping fun-and fast.

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