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Sign off, personally

Add your own signature block.

Let customers get hold of you--you personally.

Put as much of an address as you can stand.

Put a favorite quote, if your firm allows it. Anything that gives a sense of your taste, your values--again, something personal, not a slogan from the marketing team, or a platitude from the boss.

Sign your name. What a simple way to personalize a message!

Recognize that sometimes, despite your best efforts, your email will not solve the problem. 

Perhaps you misunderstood what the problem was.  Perhaps the customer misstated the symptoms, so your solution is completely irrelevant. 

Allow the customer to come back for another try.

You are giving someone a chance to follow up, to ask the next question, to move forward.  Without a personal signature block, you are forcing them to explain the whole thing all over again, and that makes people get even angrier than they were before.  Let the customer respond to you, just as you have responded: move the conversation forward.

And if your answer has solved the problem, heck, no sweat off your nose.  You have responded as if you were a person, not a corporation, and the customer may feel a bit warmer toward you, and the company you work for.  Who knows?  They might even come back to buy again.


I'm hoping you get back to me soon, before this bug crawls all over me.


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