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These are books I've written solo or with Lisa, or other folks.

--Jonathan Price


  Hot Text--Web Writing that Works! With Lisa Price. New Riders. 2002.
Reviewed by Mike Sullivan in Technical Communication, May, 2003. http://www.techcomm-online.org/issues/v50n2/reviews/0564-17.html

Awarded "Best Web Publishing Title of 2002"-BookBytes from John Nemerovski, at MyMac.com at http://www.mymac.com/book_bytes/fifthawards_12.30.02.shtml

Given Award of Merit, STC Competition, Southwest Region, 2003.

Reviewed by Andrew King, Web Reference: "Want to learn how to write for the Web? Read this book. Hot Text shows how to grab your audience's attention and never let it go. Based on extensive research, the book is a fun yet in-depth how-to guide for effective writing on the Web." http://www.webreference.com/new/020214.html

Reviewed by Antonio Volpon, Fucina Web: "Hot Text e un manuale che copre l'intero processo di creazione di contenuti." http://www.fucinaweb.com/usabilita/hottext.asp

Reviewed by Roy Johnson, Mantex, "This book is packed with good advice on web writing and modern communication skills- and it's a must-have for any web content developers, documentation authors, online course constructors, and e-Commerce editors." http://www.mantex.co.uk/reviews/price-2.htm

Reviewed by Leanne Krudner, in STC Chapter Newsletter, "This dynamic duo has created an excellent book that focuses on effective, user-friendly Web writing." http://www.stc-nne.org/Noreaster/january03/bookreview.htm

Reviewed in RavenMatrix: "Anyone who is writing for the Web will tremendously benefit from reading this book." http://ravenmatrix.com/books/misc/12/

Reviewed by Jennifer Kyrnin, on About.com: "From the basics of writing to clear instructions on writing for an electronic audience, this book covers all you need to create hot, vital Web content. http://html.about.com/cs/webwriting/gr/aapr-hottext.htm

Special Edition Using FileMaker Pro 5, with Rich Coulombre, Que, 2000.

The Best of Online Shopping: The Prices' Guide to the Fastest and Easiest Stores on the Web. With Lisa Price. Ballantine. 1999.

Fun with Digital Imaging: The Official HP Guide. With Lisa Price. IDG. 1999.

Outlining Goes Electronic: A Study of the Impact of Media on our Understanding of the Role of Outlining in Virtual and Collaborative Conversations. ATTW Series, Ablex., 1999.

Windows 95 for Kids and Parents. With Lisa Price. IDG Books. 1998.

Discover Microsoft Home Essentials. With Lisa Price. IDG Books. 1997.

Trail Guide to America Online. Addison-Wesley. 1994.

The Virtual Playhouse for the Macintosh. edited and written with a CD. Hayden Books. 1994.

ClarisWorks 2.0 for the Macintosh. with Brown, Outler, and Renner, South-Western Publishing. 1994.

How to Communicate Technical Information, with Henry Korman. Benjamin/Cummings. 1993.

FileMaker Pro for Windows, with Rich Coulombre. Addison-Wesley. 1993.

FileMaker Pro for the Macintosh, with Rich Coulombre. Addison-Wesley. 1992.

Using ClarisWorks, with Henry Korman, Adam Rochmes, and Linda Urban. South-Western Publishing. 1993.

Microsoft Works Tutorial and Applications. South-Western Publishing. 1990.

The MacWrite II Handbook and Toolkit, with Henry Korman. Bantam Books. 1989.

Desktop Publishing, with Carlene Schnabel. Ballantine Books. 1987.

How to Write a Computer Manual. Benjamin/Cummings. 1984.

Put That in Writing. Viking Press and Penguin Books. 1984.

The Instant Expert's Guide to BASIC on the IBM PC. Dell. 1984.

The Definitive Word Processing Book, with Linda Urban. Viking Press and Penguin Books. 1984.

How to Find Work. New American Library. 1982.

Thirty Days to More Powerful Writing. Fawcett Books and Ballantine Books. 1981. Reprinted for Crown Books. 1982.

Three by Ben Jonson: Volpone, The Alchemist, and Mercury Vindicated from the Alkemists at Court, (editor) New American Library. 1980.

Classic Scenes, edited and translated. New American Library. 1979.

The Best Thing on TV: Commercials. Viking Press, Penguin Books, Quality Paperback Club. 1978.

Video Visions: A Medium Discovers Itself. New American Library. 1977.

Wall Book, co-author. Pleiades Gallery. New York. 1975.

Alphabet in the Spectrum of the Rainbow. Westbroadway Gallery. New York. 1974.

Life Show Anthology: 9 Plays from the Sixties, co-edited with John Lahr. Bantam Books. 1973.

Life Show: How to See Theater in Life and Life in Theater, with John Lahr. Viking Press and Penguin Books. 1973. Reissued by Limelight Editions, 1990.

On Finnegans Wake (pamphlet). Grove Press. 1972.

Critics on Robert Lowell (editor). University of Miami Press. 1972. U.K. edition: Allen and Unwin.

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