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Presenting international workshops

Speaking at national conferences

Speaking at, doing workshops at, and organizing regional conferences

Speaking to chapter meetings

Contributing to writers' journals

Participating in activities

Winning awards in competitions

Bringing students into the organizations

Supporting writers' groups

We're always glad to come talk with a group of writers or editors.

Over the years, we have presented speeches for many writers' groups, taught workshops for them, contributed articles to their journals, participated in their activities, won awards in their competitions, and encouraged students to join these organizations.

If you'd like us to come talk to your group, call us at (505) 898-4912, or email Jonathan at Jprice@swcp.com, and we can work out arrangements.

Presenting international workshops

The national headquarters of the Society for Technical Communication has sponsored Jonathan's workshops at the chapter level, handling publicity and registration so that the local chapters could profit from part of the fees they charged.

  • Kachina New Mexico Chapter, February, 1996
  • Atlanta, GA, March, 1995
  • Kansas City, MO, March, 1994
  • Berkeley, CA, 1989

Jonathan has also presented one and two-day workshops for writers, for individual chapters of the Society for Technical Communication. Examples:

  • Southwest Ontario Chapter, Kitchener, Ontario, February 2003.
  • Kachina Chapter, New Mexico, 1999, 2002.

Jonathan also gives workshops at the international conferences of the Society for Technical Communication, IEEE SIGDOC, WinWriters, Solutions, and ACM SIGDOC. Examples:

  • Writing for the Web, STC 2001.
  • Writing for Webzines, STC 1998
  • Organizing Information for Web Delivery 1998 (STC and ACM SIGDOC).
  • Writing for Webzines, Southwest Writer's Workshop, Annual Conference, 1998
  • How to Write XML, STC, 2003.
  • Writing Customer Assistance for the Web, WinWriters Help Conference, 2000
  • An Object-Oriented Approach to Improving Documentation. STC, 1998

Some writers' groups we support:

American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)

Association of Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication (SIGDOC)

IEEE Professional Communication Society (PCS)

National Writers' Union (NWU)

Southwest Writers (SWW)

The Society for Technical Communication (STC)

For more information on writers' groups, see:

American Medical Writers' Association

American Society of Newspaper Editors

Canadian Authors' Association

European Medical Writers' Association

National Association of Science Writers

National Federation of Press Women

Public Relations Society of America

The Write Page

The Writers Write

Writers' Guild of America

  Speaking at national conferences

Lisa has delivered talks on web writing at the national conferences of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Southwest Writers' Conferences.

Jonathan has given many speeches to national conferences by groups such as the Society for Technical Communication (STC), the Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Documentation, and the IEEE Special Interest Group on Professional Communication.

  • Jonathan has delivered talks on Chunking Content: Toward a Rhetoric of Objects and Personalizing Your Customer Assistance, at the Society for Technical Communication, International Conference. Dallas, TX. 2003.
  • Jonathan also gave presentations arguing for Personalizing Technical Content on the Web, at the Association for Computing Machinery, Special Interest Group on Documentation, and IEEE Special Interest Group on Professional Communication, annual meetings, 2001.
  • He presented Survey of Web Customer Assistance, WinWriters Help Conference, San Diego, 2000.
  • Jonathan discussed complexity theory and the Web, at the STC annual convention, 1999.
  • At the Anaheim STC conference Jonathan delivered two lectures (one on complexity, one on webzines), one panel discussion on trends, a roundtable talk on a proposed national library of technical communication, 1998.
  • Jonathan gave talks on complexity and electronic outlining at the IEEE and ACM annual conferences, in Snowbird, Utah, 1997.
  • In the Washington, D.C. annual STC conference, Francine Hyman and Jonathan gave a talk on Moving Beyond Help, 1995.
  • Jonathan was keynote speaker at IEEE conference, Santa Fe, NM, 1992; also presenter on collaborative writing strategies.
  • When the STC conference was in Santa Clara, Jonathan gave a General Session speech about educating the next generation of tech writers, 1990.
  • Jonathan gave a talk on online help styles at the Philadelphia annual STC convention, reprinted in Text, ConText, and HyperText, 1988.

Speaking at, doing workshops at, and organizing Regional Conferences

Jonathan delivered the keynote speech at the STC Trends Technical Communication Conference, Orlando, FL., October 3, 1997, as well as giving a one-day workshop on help.

For the Kachina New Mexico chapter of the STC, Jonathan programmed, hosted, and keynoted a two-day conference on Recycling Information into Multimedia using Web Tools and SGML, with more than 20 speakers, preparing the site, doing publicity, registering more than 80 attendees. November 17-18, 1995.

As Program Chair, Jonathan organized the schedule, recruited 45 speakers, and introduced the theme of Modeling Information in Electronic Space, a two-day STC Regional Conference, for 150 attendees, October 13-14, 2000, in Albuquerque, NM. Selected presentations later appeared in a special issue of Technical Communication, which he edited.

Jonathan has presented workshops at regional conferences:

  • Writing for the Web, STC Region 5 Conference, Houston, 2001
  • Editing content on the Web, with Anderson, Campbell, Hindle, and Scasny, STC Region 5 Conference; article in IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication, 41 (1). 1998
  • Designing Online Help, Orlando STC 1997.

Speaking to chapter meetings

Over the last 20 years, Jonathan has given at least two dozen speeches and short workshops to meetings of the East Bay Chapter, Berkeley Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, Silicon Valley Chapter, Kachina New Mexico Chapter, and Tokyo Chapter of the STC. Topics included online help, CD-ROMs, hypertext, tutorials, procedures, collaboration.

Contributing to writers' journals

Jonathan has been an active contributor and editor for journals aimed at professional writers.

  • Edited and introduced six articles in 62 pages of Technical Communication special issue on Modeling Information in Electronic Space. February, 2001.
  • Wrote 8 book reviews for Technical Communication, 1995-2003.
  • Contributed short articles to local chapter newsletters, STC, 1985-2003.
  • Assembled, edited, and introduced special issue of IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication on Structuring Complex Interactive Documents. July 1997.
  • STOP: Light on the History of Outlining. Journal of Computer Documentation, July, 1999.
  • Christopher Alexander, and the Pattern Language. IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication, June, 1999.
  • Editing a Website: Extending the Levels of Edit. With Anderson, Campbell, Hindle, and Scasny. IEEE Transactions in Professional Communication, 41 (1). March, 1998. 47-57.
  • Adding Semantics to SGML Databases. With Mazumdar, Bao, and Yuan. Presented at Electronic Publishing '98 Conference, Saint Malo, France (April 1-4, 1998), included in the proceedings volume, in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1998.
  • Balloon Help. IEEE SigDoc Journal. April 1994.

Participating in activities

  • Judged online help and CDROM entries in annual chapter competitions, Kachina New Mexico Chapter, STC, 1995-1999.
  • Judged 45 web sites in annual chapter competitions, Kachina New Mexico Chapter of the STC, 1995-1999.
  • Participate in the Research Committee of the STC, evaluating proposals, awarding grants. 2000-2003.
  • Coached the Student Chapter of the STC at New Mexico Tech, 1994-1998. Members of the chapter later awarded me the Distinguished Chapter Service Award.
  • Created new book design for STC books, 1995-1996, shepherded several books through production with this design.

Winning awards in competitions

  • For Hot Text, won award of Merit, in regional competition, STC. 2003.
  • Elevated to Associate Fellow, Society for Technical Communication, 1999.
  • For Virtual Playhouse for the Macintosh (book and CD), won awards of Distinction, and Best of Show from the Kachina New Mexico Chapter, and Excellence, from the international STC competition, 1995.
  • For The Trail Guide to America Online, won awards from STC New Mexico Kachina Chapter competition, Best of Show; Oklahoma Chapter; International STC Convention, Distinguished Technical Communication). 1994.
  • With other members of the Apple team, won a region-level award of Distinguished Technical Communication for the training disk, reference manual, and tutorial for AppleWorks, in the Northern California STC competition, 1986.

Bringing students into the organization

As the faculty advisor to the New Mexico Tech student STC chapter for several years, Jonathan nudged them to get out a newsletter, do shadow days with people at Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, and persuaded two students to set up a list serve for students of tech writing (because they were so often scolded on Techwr-l).

In 1998 he shepherded four undergraduates to a presentation they gave to the Kachina New Mexico chapter. They went on to give talks at the Regional Conference in Texas. Their presentations went so well they were regarded as grad students.

In addition, working with Chuck Campbell, Jonathan helped prepare students to talk about web editing at the Texas Regional conference, based on the article we all did for an IEEE special issue (March 1998).


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