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Helping developers

Our point of view

Develop your own manuals

Documenting your database

We love databases, and we get a kick out of improving their documentation--for users, and for developers.

We've prepared step-by-step instructions for using consumer databases such as the flatfile databases in AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, and Microsoft Works, and the relational database of FileMaker Pro.

We have developed detailed styleguides for the documentation teams on Relational's Ingres and the Oracle Personal Database.

We have coached and critiqued the development of help systems for several of these databases, as well.

And we have done more theoretical work in object-oriented databases is our article on Adding Semantics to SGML Databases.

Helping developers

Working with Rich Coulombre, of the Support Group, we have created three books for developers of FileMaker Pro databases, from Addison-Wesley and Que; and we have crafted the Professional Training Series.  We've also provided the content for the web site of the soon-to-be-released FileMaker University.

Our point of view

We can analyze the documentation from the point of view of a developer, or a user, making specific recommendations for improvement when it counts--that is, during the actual development of the manuals.

Develop your own manuals

We offer a two-day workshop for database developers, showing how to improve the effectiveness of the documentation they provide with their solutions.

We show how to add value to a custom database by providing minimalist procedures, a job aid, and a tutorial, to make sure that the client's users get the most out of the product.

A solid set of documentation increases user satisfaction, leading to repeat business; reduces time spent on support; and encourages users to take advantage of all the functions built into the solution.

Find out how we've helped document these databases:





Microsoft Works



Relational (Ingres)

For more info on the work we've done for selected clients...


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