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How it works

Coaching your writers

Hire a WriteCoach™

If you need to improve the writing of an entire team, we work with you to develop a workshop focused on the new approach you want to take.

Then we act as personal writing coaches to those individuals who need to see how the workshop ideas can really be applied on the job.

How it works

We review each writer's work every week or so, then sit down together, or talk on the phone. Whatever we say is confidential; the point is to help the writer make real changes in the writing process, not to act as a surrogate manager, or teacher. We are coaches.

We point out significant progress, suggest solutions to tangled problems, and show how the new approach can really simplify and improve their writing. Typical focuses:

  • Adapting traditional marketing prose for the Web
  • Making PR work on screen
  • Moving technical writers from a traditional approach to task-oriented instructions
  • Shifting from paper-based documents to complex online info systems, using an object-oriented approach
  • Speeding up the editing of legacy documents when converting them for electronic delivery

If you think this service might help you on your current project, please call us at (505) 898-4912.

Get the WriteCoach™!

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