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Editions of Hot Text! Web Writing that Works

We're delighted to announce that our book now appears in Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish--as well as American English.

Publishers are reticent about communicating with authors, but we have enjoyed email exchanges with many of these translators, as they endeavored to capture street slang, obscure local references, technical jargon, Yiddish expressions, and idioms from New York, California, and the Southwest. Translators of the world, we salute you!

We know more about some editions, almost nothing about others. But the volumes sure look good on our bookshelf!


American edition

New Riders, 512 pp, US$40

Order Hot Text (the book) from Amazon


Polish edition!

Thanks to the thoughtful translation by Sławomir Dzieniszewski, a Polish edition of our book has just been issued by Helion Publishers, under the title Profesjonalny serwis WWW.(Professional Web Sites). ISBN: 83-7197-772-7.  Sample chapter available.


Spanish edition

We've just received the Spanish  translation of our book, with the title Texto Vivo, Escribier Para La Web, published by a subsidiary of Pearson. Available at the Casa del Libro.  ISBN: 8420535508


Italian edition

The Italian translation of our book was published in November, but we have just gotten our copies. We see they preserved the main title, and changed the subtitle to say Scivere nell'Era Digitale. ISBN: 88 386 4304-0  http://www.informatica.mcgraw-hill.it/catLibro.asp?item_id=1403


Portuguese edition

Announced, but no sign of the physical book yet.

Russian edition

Tekct fur Web, at WilliamsPublishing.com

Welcome to participants in the Danish workshop, Skriv webvenligt!

For content referred to during the seminar, see



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